Poderi dal Nespoli ‘Prugneto’ Sangiovese Superiore


Type: Sangiovese  Region: Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Pairs well with: Semi-hard Cheese, Soft cheese


Tasting Note

Poderi dal Nespoli Prugneto Sangiovese Superiore DOC is a genuine expression of Sangiovese from Romagna. It has a bright ruby red color with an intense bouquet of fine red fruits. On the palate, the freshness pairs well with soft tannins and notes of violet, cherry and plums. The finish is long and spicy.


Wine & Cheese Pairing

For cheese pairings, you may want to try mild and nutty cheeses such as Asiago or Fontina. These types of cheeses have a subtle and nutty flavor that complements the wine’s fruity notes without overpowering them.

Another great option is a tangy and soft cheese such as fresh goat cheese or feta. The tangy and salty taste of these cheeses pairs well with the wine’s acidity and fruitiness.


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