Mixed Cheese Box


Get a mix of 3 seasonally selected cheeses handpicked by our experts!

Each Mixed Cheese Box includes:

1 x Soft Cheese such as a buttery brie or creamy camembert
1 x Hard / Semi-Hard cheese like a sharp, vintage cheddar
1 x Expert recommended cheese currently in season
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Tasting notes

Optional: Pair each cheese with some recommended Crackers & Accompaniments handpicked for you to complement the flavours of all the cheeses in this box!

What’s an Accompaniment? A condiment or complementary produce best paired to bring out the flavours of the cheese such as olives, quince paste, dried fruits, nuts, dill pickles, chutneys

* Add Wine

Upscale your order by selecting any wine from our extensive selection. Simply click the wine selection link located in your cart.

    * Pair with Recommended Crackers & Accompaniments

    • Box of Crackers + $9.00
      Accompaniment only + $9.00
      Box of Crackers + Accompaniment + $16.00

    * Pair with Recommended Cured Meats

    Add 2 types of recommended gourmet cured meats (approx.180g-200g) for your cheese platter

    * Add More Cheese

    No such thing as too much cheese! Having a party? Want an impressive cheese platter? Or just LOVE cheese? Add more cheese to your box (Approx. 150-200g per addition)

    • Soft Cheese + $18.00
      Cheddar Cheese + $18.00
      Fresh Cheese + $18.00
      Blue Cheese + $18.00
      Semi-Hard Cheese + $18.00

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    Ordering as a gift? Add a free short message which will be printed on a card and added in your box

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    Special notes about your order/gift if any. Please note the refrigerated courier CANNOT accommodate nor guarantee EXACT delivery date/ time requests.

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