Louis Bouillot Perle de Vigne Grand Reserve Brut NV


Type: Sparkling Wine  Region: Burgundy, France  Vintage: NV

Pairs well with: Soft cheese, Fresh cheese


Tasting Note

A sparkling wine, made in the traditional method (the same as Champagne) but from Burgundy. The usual suspects (Pinot Noir and Chardonnay) are joined by two other Burgundian grapes, Gamay and Aligoté. After a minimum of 12 months on lees, expect a wine that shows a balance between Pinot and Gamay’s red berry fruits and a bright citrus finish from Chardonnay and Aligoté.


Wine & Cheese Pairing

When it comes to cheese, Louis Bouillot Perle de Vigne Grand Reserve Brut NV pairs well with soft and creamy cheeses like Brie, Camembert, or Brillat-Savarin. These cheeses have a rich, buttery texture that complements the acidity of the wine, and their mild flavors don’t overpower the delicate notes of the wine.


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