Monte Tondo Mito Soave


Type: White Wine  Region: Friuli, Italy

Pairs well with: Soft cheese, Cheddar cheese


Tasting Note

Soave, Italy. Vibrant, light and fresh, this wine is as expressive as they get. Loosely translated, ‘mito’ means small, and in this context, it refers to this wine as being the baby of the Monte Tondo family, nurtured and made with love. It sings of ripe citrus, fleshy pear, pineapple and fresh white flowers. An endearing example of the beauty of youth. It’s bone dry and can be enjoyed all on its own…


Wine & Cheese Pairing

Soave wines are known for their refreshing and citrusy flavor with a hint of almond and minerality. When it comes to pairing cheese with Monte Tondo Mito Soave, you can opt for soft and creamy cheeses such as Brie or Camembert. These mild and buttery cheeses have a similar texture to the wine and their subtle flavors complement the wine’s acidity and minerality.


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