Pairing Masterclass


Cheese & Wine Pairing One

  • Origin - QLD | Type - Soft Cheese _____ Woombye Ash Brie is handmade using the Triple Cream Brie as the base. This cheese has a lovely creamy flavour with a hint of smokiness and mushroom. The texture of this white mould cheese is decadently rich and creamy and the ash layer in the rind contrasts beautifully with the pale interior when cut.

  • Region - Burgundy | Type - Sparkling _____ Pale yellow gold in colour the Veuve Ambal Cremant de Bourgogne shows an exceptionally fine, persistent mousse. The fruity bouquet shows enticing citrusy notes, with a hint of red fruits and some biscuity complexity. The palate is elegant and harmonious, the finish long, crisp and dry

Cheese & Wine Pairing Two

  • Origin - Spain | Type - Semi-Hard _____ Made on the South Eastern coast of Spain using milk from the Murciano-granadina goat. It is matured with a natural rind, which is washed with local red wines high in tannin. Over a period of three months it develops a distinctive burgundy colour and floral aroma. The interior has a smooth buttery texture, mild, and slightly fruity flavour, with a hint of barrel.

  • Region- Burgundy | Type - Chardonnay _____ Jean-Marc Brocard is very important producer in the Chablis region. This is a very precise, fresh and vibrant wine with notes of lemon and white peach.

Cheese & Wine Pairing Three

  • Origin - VIC | Type - Cheddar _____ Warrnambool Cheese and Butter has been producing dairy products for over 125 years, making them one of the oldest dairy processors in Australia. This cheddar has been aged for up to 42 months to give it a firm, crumbly texture and a sharp taste. Its rectangular shape, black wax coating and gold label makes it a very distinctive Australian Cheddar.

  • Region - Yarra Valley, VIC | Type - Barbera _____ Fresh, lively and approachable. A light to medium bodied wine, it is bursting with red fruit flavours that are complemented by earthy undertones and notes of dried herb. An easy drinking red wine that is perfect for the warmer months!

Cheese & Wine Pairing Four

  • Origin - Italy | Type - Hard Cheese _____ A pecorino which originates from Sicily, this cheese has liberal quantities of whole black peppercorns strewn throughout the middle. it’s hard, off-white to brown rind is ridged with the imprint of woven moulds. The texture of older Pepato will be hard, with a darkish straw colour, and its flavour will be piquant and sheepy.

  • Region - Barossa Valley, SA | Type - Shiraz _____ A plush medium to full bodied wine, but still fresh and distinctive with the power and concentration of refined primary fruits. A core of blackberry and plum, with fantastic lively & textural tannins, supporting the fruit right through to the finish. This wine is drinking beautifully now with a few years of bottle age, however it will cellar for at least another 10 years.


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